Current Projects

SMART is conducting a research project on the lack of information and knowledge in mothers about parenting skills. It is now running a pilot project for the mothers. The idea is to provide a platform where they can come together, discuss their issues and look at solutions that all mothers face. The program is designed in a manner that it encourages participation of all participants. A manual has been prepared by the sponsoring agency and a group of trainers have been identified. The trainers will go through an orientation program.

Past Projects

SMART started its journey in Mewat , when the literacy levels among women were just about 8 % and among men 24 %. The rate of school dropouts was high, most of the girls were either school drop outs or out of school. A number of NGOs had been blacklisted for various reasons. The environment was hostile. But the need to provide basic literacy to the children was there. 

The burden of the household chores, procuring water from nearby water sources, collecting wood from the jungles and collecting fodder for the animals falls on the tender shoulders of the young girls of the family, in Mewat. They are sent to the madarsas for a short period of a time, but then pulled out to take care of siblings and lend a hand in the household work. They have no opportunity to read, write or play. SMART launched the n education cum vocational training program under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan program of the government of India.