Radio Mewat is the first community  radio station in Mewat, Haryana, India. 
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Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 since December 1997. It is has a 12 A, 80 G and an FCRA registration that permits it to get donations and exemptions under the income tax rules and is an entity that can receive foreign funds. It is also registered under the Niti Aayog NGO portal –Darpan. 

SMART’s mandate is to spread awareness on issues of public importance. It believes that information is the source of empowerment and development. From thisstandpoint, it has set up a community radio station, Radio Mewat, in Nuh, Haryana. Recipient of two national awards, the Skoch Order of Merit the radio has also made a place for itself in the Limca Book of Records for receiving thehighest number of calls on its radio based consumer helpline.In its long journey, SMART has partnered a number of government departments, international agencies, multi lateral bodies, corporate and public sector organizations. 

Besides running a radio station, SMART, is involved in raising awareness on the issues of education, women empowerment, health and sanitation, governance and strengthening of local elected bodies. It runs centers for mothers in the conflict areas of Assam, Kashmir and Jharkhand. These centers are premised on the assumption that mothers if socially and educationally empowered, can fight radicalism and prevent their children from going astray or joining terrorist organizations.This approach has yielded interesting outcomes in the areas wherever these centers have functioned in terms of raising the status of women within the community, affirmative action of mothers in keeping their children safe and away from radical ideologies, participation of women in decision making at home and at the community level and most of all inclusion of women in peace talks.   SMART is trying to enlarge the presence of mother's resource centers in other parts of the country.

SMART is deeply invested in the development of women and children and run education programs on its radio.It has helped give women a voice in an extremely backward, minority and marginalized area of Haryana.

Mothers On Air provides a platform for mothers to talk about their experiences through 
which they encourage, empower and inspire a larger community.