Radio Mewat is committed to the community and to its mandate of ensuring the 
participation of all sections of society in developing content. 
With the help of 11 full time reporters, a committed managerial and administrative team 
- with 75 % per cent of them from the local community 
- Radio Mewat strives to make the community a stake holder in the change that it is ushering



Archana Kapoor



  • To bring about real transformation in the lives of socially excluded and marginalised sections of the population, especially women. 
  • To use mass media and new tools of communication to inform and empower communities 
  • To include women in the process of decision making, development and governance by providing leadership training and opportunities. 
  • To create alternative employment opportunities for the youth, bridge the digital divide and create a skilled man power that can face the challenges of the future. 
  • To increase the self worth of target groups through education, capacity building, and income generation skills.


SMART believes that literacy and information are major tools for promoting inclusive growth, eradicating poverty, increasing democratic participation and for empowering people.


Radio Mewat, a SMART initiative, is a community radio station located in Mewat, an extremely backward district in the state of Haryana, India. Radio Mewat seeks to give voice to the voiceless in this backward community. Launched on September 1, 2010, the radio station started with just 2 hours of unstructured broadcast. 

Absorbing the demands and expectations of the community, the radio stations now broadcasts 14 hours a day, covering a wide variety of local issues in its programming. It was not easy to set up a community radio station in a socially and educationally backward district like Mewat. Paucity of funds, trained manpower and dedicated power supply were not the only hurdles, there were far more complex social issues that we had to contend with. There were genuine fears of being rejected by an extremely conservative religious community. Our radio programmes were subjected to hard scrutiny by the elders and conscience keepers of the community to ensure that they did not threaten their beliefs. 

What really worked in Radio Mewat's favour was the credibility of SMART and the work it had done in the last twelve years with women and children. Today the radio station has become not only the voice of the community but also it's pride and identity. The radio station has been the recipient of two national awards from the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It won an award for being the 'Most Sustainable Community Radio Station' in 2011 and for the 'Most Creative and Innovative Programming' in 2012.


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate
  • FCRA Certificate